Welcome to QBRITS.

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This document describes some useful to know facts about our delivered service, and could be a help for you to get started.

You should have received an email from QBRITS with username and password with which you can log in to the cPanel. The username is your customer number with prefix "u". If you also wished an email address be defined then that’s credentials should also been in the mail.

The cPanel

The cPanel is the tool to manage your domain (It is only if you have your domain registered at QBRITS or Miss Hosting group that you can fully use the domain tools. Do you have a different registrar you manage your part of the domain at them) and everything that has to do with your site, it also give information of how much space and resources you have left. There are many features in your cPanel, because we at QBRITS have not removed functionality from you. However, this means that you can destroy a lot for yourself if you use the features that you do not master.

There are two main features that you probably will use, and that is to manage e-mail accounts and files on your website. If you use WordPress, then you will not often need to use the last.

File Manager
With File Manager, you can manage the file system you have at QBRITS. Your website is located in the library public_html containing the file index htm, which is the file that visitors usually land on when they enter the your site

In the File Manager it is possible to upload/download files, and other common functions. It is also possible to manage rights but it is something we do not recommend unless you have very good knowledge of what you are doing.

Do not change anything in other library than public_html and public_ftp else it could damage your website and e-mail.

Mail/Mail Accounts
In the section mail, you have the function Accounts in which you he manage e-mail accounts of the era domain. You are able to create an unlimited number of mail accounts in your domain. It is also here that you change the passwords for email accounts.
You can also see how much Quota (space) that each account takes. Keep in mind that both deleted and sent mails charged to your quota, regular cleaning of the era email client may therefore be appropriate.

For each email account you have the opportunity to select the "More / Configure Email Client" which will show you the manual settings that you need to do if you have a local email client (eg Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.). There is also the ability to run scripts that will try to change the klient automatically, but it is often unsuccessful so we recommend making the settings manually.

We recommend that you use IMAP with SSL for local mail clients.
The difference between IMAP and POP3 is that with IMAP you always retain the original on the network and can read it from multiple places. If you use POP3 then all the emails downloaded locally and the originals erased. IMAP is better both in functionality and security.

If you have your domain is registered at QBRITS or Miss Hosting then the link to your webmail is webmail.<your domain>. If you have another registrar, you can find your link under "More / Access Webmail".

<a section of how to manage client backup will later be added to this document>