Restore files in Windows 10

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Restore of files in Windows 10.
This is an instruction of how to restore files from a backup made in accordance with QBRITS recommendations for backup in Windows 10.

Restore files from a Windows 10 backup.

  1. Connect that USB-drive that you are using for your backup routine. Make sure that you do not have any other disk connected that was not there when you did the backup, else the backup disk may get an other drive letter.
  2. Open Windows settings by open the start menu and clicking on the gearwheel, and there start “Update & Security”.
  3. You should not choose recovery in the next windows that could be expected, but that is for restoring the complete disk and not single files, choose Backup instead.
  4. En the end of the page you will find “Go to Backup and Restore (Windows 7)” that is our choice when it is the system we have made our backup with.
  5. The window that appears seems wrong but in the left lower corner you can find “File History” that is our choice.
  6. In the manu on the lft you will now see the option ”Restore personal files” that is our choice.” 
  1. File History is designed as a kind of file explorer there you can select files and folders. If you right click on files you will also have possibility to do a preview.
    But different from a normal file explorer you have the possibility to go back and forward in time through your past backups.
    Above the list you find the date that is showed.
    Use the arrow to choose the date and then select the file from that date you want to restore.
  2. Press the restore button to restore the file to its old location.
    NOTE: Restore will overwrite existing files if they got the same name and location. If you want to save the file you have on the hard disk you need to rename it before doing the restore.