Making a System Image in Windows 10

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System image of Windows 10 (also includes version 7 and 8).
A system image is a complete copy of yours computer disks that can be used to restore the computer as it look like when you did the image.

A system image is nice to have if your computer disk totally crash or a hacker take control of it. A system image should not be confused with backups when its purpose is to restore the complete disk and not manage single files and its versions. The restore is made together with a system repair disk.
We recommend making your system image on a USB-disk and the system repair disk on a CD. The USB-disk should then be stored unconnected. It is also possible so make the system image on DVDs but when the volume corresponds with your computer disks, that is likely over 30 GB (more than 7 DVDs), a old USB-disk is usually to prefer.

This instruction shows how to make a system image and a system repair disk for Windows 10, but when Microsoft has used Windows 7:s software for both version 8 and 10, then it can be used for those versions also.

Create a System Image.

  1. Open Windows settings by open the start menu and clicking on the gearwheel, and there start “Update & Security”.
  2. In the next windows should you choice Backup in the menu on the left.
  3. Make sure that the media (USB-disk) you want to save the image on is connected to your computer and click on ”More options”.
    Do NOT click on ”Add a drive”.
  4. It will start Windows 7 Backup and Restore center. Click on “Create a system image” in the menu on the left.  
  1. Windows will now explore disks that it can use for the image. It could take some minutes.

  2. When it is finish searching for disks; you can choose the hard disk you want to save the system images on. You can choose to save on DVD:s but we recommend to use a USB-disk (hard disk) instead. Make your choice and click next.
  3. In the next windows you choice what drives in the computer you want to have in the image. Do you have several disk you can also choose them. The system disk, used by Windows system I default. Click on next.
  4. Now it only to confirm your chooses before clicking on Start backup and creation of your system image will start.
  5. Depending of the volume on your computer it could take hours to complete. You can close the dialog when it is finish.

Create a System repair disk

  1. When the creation of the system image is made and you have confirmed it, you will receive a dialog that asking about making a repair disk. You can also make it from the dialog in step 4.
    Click YES.
  2. Insert a empty CD/DVD in your burner, or if you want to use USB-memory stick connect it to the computer. Make your choice and press Create disk.  
  1. When it is done you will receive information how to use it. With the system repair disk and the system image it will be possible to restore the computer as it was when you made the system image.

You have now made a system image that contains everything on your computer, included your programs were ever you have them stored. You have also a repair disk you that can start the computer from and restore the system image.

Store those in a safe location, and hopefully you never need to use them when it is only in case of total disaster you need to restore your computer. But with out a system image you will need to install Windows and all programs from scratch, and that is not funny.

It is recommended to make a new system image if you have installed new software or in other ways making huge changes. Do remember if you are using the same media it will overwrite the old image during creation of the new. Therefore be very observed that your computer feels healthy before overwrite an old image.

Files and documents from your daily work should be secured by a well working backup procedure. A such process is described at QBRITS help pages (Backup for Windwos 10).